Valentina Truppa a year of gold

A golden season has ended for Valentina Truppa who closes the 2017 season with four gold medals won at the Italian Championships and a season that saw her young horses grow and improve under her saddle.

At the Horses Le Lame Sporting Club, where in September the italian national dressage championships went on stage, Valentina Truppa has once again confirmed to be the number one winning the gold medal in both the Technical and Freestyle Championships at the Grand Prix level with Ranieri, now her top horse with which she also participated in two stages of the World Cup.

Riding Ranieri, a twelve year old gelding, Valentina won the gold medal with a 70.70% percentage (best score of the Grand Prix pair) thanks to a test free of mistakes. The silver medal went to her student Micol Rustignoli, who occupied the highest step in the last two editions of the Championship, riding Corallo Nero.
Valentina, absent from the GP level championships the last two years, has thus put in her safe her seventh GP Italian title.

Valentina took victory of the Grand Prix Kur too, riding Ranieri scored 75.75%; behind her were her students Micol Rustignoli on Corallo Nero, 71.5%, and Ester Soldi with Harmonia, 70.33%.

An awaited victory for the number one dressage rider of Italy who, riding a magnificent Ranieri in a dazzling form, consolidates, if ever there was a need, her position as a multi-champion and "locomotive" of the Made in Italy dressage movement.

Great successes at the Championships came on the front of young horses and in these Italian championships 2017 will go down in history also for the record score obtained by Smile with Valentina Truppa.

The young horse of the Equestrian Center Monferrato earned the highest score ever obtained in Italy by a young horse scoring a record of 91.2 in the categories reserved for the 5 years old in the Preliminare test on Friday.
In the Final on Saturday a score of 81.8 then assured Valentina Truppa and Smile the gold medal.

Another gold for Valentina arrived in the young 4-year-olds category, on the first day of competition with Zeus scored 79.6, while in the second and final round they won 80.8 points, thus securing another Italian title.